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GPS Tracking

How GPS tracking works to be able to view a Live Map of Technicians

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Repair-CRM uses the technician Mobile APP to collect the last known location of the technicians using it.

The last known location is shown on the WebAPP's dashboard, in the "Live map of Technicians" section.

The technicians how have been using the Application today are shown, with their color marker. If they did not login today, they are not visible.

Hovering above the markers pops up the Name of the technician and the last known timestamp for the last location.

The location history, the route of the technician is not recorded.

The technicians need to Consent to using the feature, which they can revoke any time. The last location is only collected in a specific time-window set up by the Company.

By default, this function is not enabled, you need to contact support to enable it for your account.

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