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How to Set Up Repair-CRM: Settings
How to Set Up Repair-CRM: Settings
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  • How to Change your Company Data?
    Go to Settings / Company settings ( to change your company data like Company name, company address and the company's official language.

  • How to Change the Currency for Repair-CRM?
    Go to Settings / Company settings ( to change the Company Currency to your local Currency, just start typing the 3 letter Currency ISO code.

  • How to change the default language for a user/technician.
    On the web app go to Settings / My settings to change your default language.

  • How to buy Repair-CRM or change the subscription?

    Go to Settings / Account settings ( and click the Manage subscription blue button. This will open the popup for the subscription management.
    Here you can Edit your subscription, edit the number of users (Change quantity) and your monthly subscription fee will change accordingly. You can add your credit card for the payment method too. If you need to download your previous invoices you can download it here at the Billing history tab.

  • How to add users to Repair-CRM, add new technicians?
    Go to Settings / User settings ( where you can add new technicians or Edit their informations.

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